GW2BossTimer v1.7.0.0

Added Notifications when a new world boss window starts that you haven’t filtered out or done yet today. Three options available:

  1. None – this will silence the notifications
  2. Sound – this will use the SystemSound.Asterisk so it will play whatever you have currently assigned to it.
  3. Speech – this will use SpeechSynthesizer to say the name of the boss. I haven’t played with the Lexicon yet so some names sound weird. Plan to work on that for a future release. Default Voice is Female, will also add an option to scan your PC for installed voices and let you select from one of those.

Default is Speech Notifications, so if you want to switch them, right click to bring up the context menu and change it. All these settings are stored in your preferences.


Note: In this release I did some refactoring to move some of the code to a DLL for reusing it with other apps I’m writing, so the release will be in ZIP format to include both the EXE and the DLL. Might change it later if I figure out a better way of packaging it.