Itsy Jam


Welcome to my website. I’m Itsy Jam and this page is dedicated to talk to you little about myself and my gaming.

A little bit about me in Real Life

As you might already guess, I’m a Software Engineer :). I work for a promising software company in which I write code for an Android app and code to automate testing such app. In my spare time, I like to create little software apps for PC, and mobile devices. I love games so I always wanted to make one. I’ve done small projects in XNA and recently Unity 3D. Although all my classes in college were in C/C++, most of my experience in the last 15 years has been in Java and C#. I also love and collect puzzles, especially Rubik’s Cubes. I’m a speed cuber, and I have a video somewhere of me solving it in 32 seconds (link soon!)

A little bit about me in GW2

I currently play Guild Wars 2 on the Ehmry Bay server. My main character in GW2 is called Itsy Jam, she’s my Elementalist, which I use mostly for PVE stuff, dungeons and fractals. You can see her in action in this video I did during the last Scarlett living story. My latest build for her is here. I use a Berserker Ascended Staff with full Ascended Berserker Armor and trinkets for everything but Fractals of the Mists where I use my Ascended Celestial Armor and Ascended Celestial trinkets with Agony Infusions.

My secondary character is a Necromancer called Orko Grey, which I currently use for WvW. I don’t have a build public yet because I’m still tweaking him a little bit, but I’ll post it once I have my final build. I’m playing him with Staff and Axe/Warhorn with a Wells build using Ascended Carrion gear.

I have more level 80 characters, all but Ranger, but I don’t play them that much. I played as Mesmer for a while but not anymore, and although I did like Warrior and Thief while leveling them up, I still prefer my Elementalist above all professions in the game.