Guild Wars 2 Boss Timer

Hey guys!

I wrote a little Windows Application I called GW2BossTimer to help with the new Guild Wars 2 world boss schedule recently added to the game as part of the Feature Pack on April 15, 2014.  The app  runs on top of the game as an overlay. It calculates the timers for when each boss’s window starts based on the table that Arena Net  provided on the release notes.


Download Latest Build








  • First line shows boss whose window is active. Second and after are the upcoming bosses.
  • You can click on the name of a Boss, and it will copy to your clipboard a message that you can paste in the game (or anywhere) with text like this:

Fire Elemental window has been up for 6 mins. [Muridian Waypoint]

  • New: You can click on the check box to the left of the boss’ name, and it will mark all of its timers as done until the next dailies reset.
    • The time when you checked the check box is saved to your preferences, and if you restart the application they stay.
    • Old timers are cleared when the app is launched.
  • Each Boss has a tool tip that says the way point closest to the boss.
  • Each Timer has a tool tip that says the exact time when the window will start.
  • The timers have some colors:
    • Upcoming boss time before window starts…
      • White: is over 15 mins
      • Green: is between 15 mins and 5 mins
      • Orange: is between 5 mins and 2 mins
      • Red: is less than 2 mins. Better hurry and get there!
    • Current boss window has been up…
      • Green: for less than 5 mins
      • Orange: between 5 mins and 10 mins
      • Red: more than 10 mins. You shouldn’t bother to go there, boss probably dead 🙁
  • You can right click on the app to launch the options popup menu
  • You can select Bosses and deselect the ones you don’t care about
  • You can select a Size to add/remove rows for the number of boss timers you want to see
  • The window position is saved when the app is closed, either by right click -> Exit, or closing it form the Windows Task Bar.


  • The app writes your settings to the %APPDATA% folder to a .gw2bosstimers. If you happen to have any issues with the app not loading, try deleting the file and launching it again. It should reset to its default settings and position on screen. If by any chance you happen to encounter an issue loading the app, make sure the app is closed, delete the .gw2bosstimers file and restart it.


  • A PC running Windows x86/x64.
  • This app is written in C# so it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 installed on your machine.
  • Your clock to be on the right date/time and timezone! 🙂


This app only relies on your computer’s clock to calculate the timers based on the table Arena Net provided. In no way it either uses their public APIs or interacts/modifies the game in any way.