GW2BossTimer v1.6.4.2


Minor changes to split saving all settings to the cloud. Now UI settings like position and size will be stored locally and Boss filters and kill times (check-boxes) will be saved on the cloud.

Note: Also changed the name of the files used for storing data. Now UI Settings will be stored as GW2BossTimers.prefs and the boss filter and kill times GW2BossTimers.bosses so all your previous settings will be lost due to this new change, but needed to happen for this new feature to work the way I wanted.

GW2BossTimer v1.6.4.1


Added support to save the preferences file to Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) if you have it installed on your PC so it can get synchronized across all your PCs.

Changed the way the bosses are sorted. Now the concept of Tiers exists and bosses that are overlapping and their tiers are higher are displayed first.

GW2BossTimers v1.6.2.42255


Updated the bosses schedule to reflect the recent changes ANET did on 6/17/2014.

Removed the separators since they don’t make sense now with filters (used to be 1 hour blocks).

Notes: As a temporary fix for overlapping schedules, the Tier 3 bosses times are 1 min earlier (12:59 when it should be 1:00). Fix will come later 🙂

GW2BossTimer v1.6.1.30204


Added Boss tier coloring:

– Tier 1 = Cyan

– Tier 2 = Orange

– Tier 3 = Magenta (looks like legendary weapons!)


Reorganized the Bosses popup menu item, arranged first by Tier then by Name, makes it better to find them

Fixed a bug that if you clicked on the check box for a boss timer after the dailies reset, all of the previous timers for that boss would be deselected. Now all check boxes after the dailies reset are disabled to prevent this from happening. (Thanks Stone for reporting the bug!)

GW2BossTimer v1.6.0.0


As promised, added a check box left to each boss’ name. Clicking on it will mark all the timers for the boss as done until the dailies reset. The time you clicked on the boss name is saved in your preferences file, so if you exit the app and launch it again, they will stay checked. When the app launches, it will check for any old instances and will clean them up from the file. Of course, trying to click on the check box for a boss whose window starts after the next reset does nothing 🙂



GW2BossTimer v1.6 teaser

Working on a new version with check boxes for bosses you have done. They reset when dailies reset!


Picture shown with Jungle Wurm only selected to demo that when you click on one, they all get selected, but not past the dailies reset.

Will probably have a build out in a few days.

GW2BossTimer v1.5.5263.1799


I added the ability to filter out the bosses you don’t care about. When you run this newer version, by default all bosses will be selected. Right click on the app to bring up the popup menu and go to Bosses. Deselect the ones you don’t want to see in the list. The filtered list gets saved so next time you launch it, the filters will still be set.

Any bugs or issues, just let me know 🙂